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Haji Hassan Properties is one of the prime real estate development companies with over 300 units in The Kingdom of Bahrain. Ever since the establishment of our first rental property in 1960, all villas and apartments have been intelligently designed and built to offer maximum comfort and convenience. From studio apartments to luxurious 5 bedroom homes, we offer a wide range of choice to the different tastes and needs of our tenants. With over half-century of experience, HH Properties has the professional expertise to manage projects from start to finish including appointment of architects/contractors, project execution/monitoring, and performing maintenance services.

Our tradition of expert planning and always putting the consumer first has contributed a great deal to the success. Having evolved from its modest beginnings into a diversified real estate provider in the Kingdom, HH Properties has gained the confidence of all its tenants. HHG is very proud to share the fact that many of the residents have made HH Properties their home for over 25 years. Having the privilege of being privately owned and managed, HH Properties’ professional team is able to attend to each tenant personally and adhere to their personal request immediately.

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PO Box 530, Manama, Bahrain

Saturday - Thursday: 7am - 7pm

In case of emergency, please call +973 1778 4989